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In line with the approach taken with all products at Ridgeback, our range of toolboxes for utes are specially designed and quality produced to guarantee high-grade products for our customers.

An important element for all utes and trade vehicles, the Ridgeback toolbox range provides models of varying sizes and features to ensure that you will find the perfect fit for all of your trade needs.

Our ute toolbox models are designed to withstand all applications, from heavy duty work to simple use as extra storage space. The Ridgeback ute toolbox range includes;

  • PT Range: Premium Heavy-duty range for the harshest applications. Four draws and shelving included
  • LT Range: Standard Heavy-duty ute toolbox. Standard with one adjustable shelf
  • FT range: Medium duty range with flip-top lid for easy access
  • UB range: Designed to install under the vehicle tray providing additional storage

Why Choose a Ridgeback Toolbox?

At Ridgeback, we understand the Australian tradesman. Working in unpredictable weather conditions is a standard part of the job, which is why all Ridgeback ute toolboxes are built and designed with this in mind. Each of our ute toolboxes are Australian made using 2.5mm high strength Aluminium and fitted with gas struts for ease of door lifting. For extra durability, they are then Chromate treated and powdered coated.

In addition to durability, a perfect ute toolbox can actually do it’s job at keeping your tools safe, secure and unexposed from harsh conditions. With this in mind, all Ridgeback ute toolboxes feature weather-proof door seals and quality locks to combat exposure to the unpredictable Australian rain. A weather-proof toolbox means that your tools will be more likely to last longer!