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    How do I view a Ridgeback body?

    We have Ridgeback bodies on display at our Melbourne and Brisbane locations. We can also arrange for you to meet up with one of our customers to veiw

    What are Ridgeback bodies made from?

    All Ridgeback bodies are made from high grade Aluminium. The base frames and certain compenents are made from mild steel.

    How long do I have to wait after I purchase a Ridgeback Body?

    Typically we build to your order which takes between 6 to 8 weeks.

    Do you have any models in stock?

    Yes, we do carry the TM 1800 TradieMaster Lift off model in stock

    I am a Plumber, however I much prefer the Electricans model - Will that suit my requirements?

    Each model has been carefully designed for each major trade - however you can choose any model if you believe it suits your working environment and requirements

    Where do I get service or spare parts for my service body?

    Contact us at any location or call on 1300 131 574

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