50+ Best Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

All forms of ceramic tile use some type of grout to fill and seal the seams between the tiles. Whether the tile is traditional ceramic, porcelain, or a quarry tile or natural stone, it is critical that the seams between the tiles be adequately filled with a material that prevents moisture from seeping down to the underlayment. To maintain this water-proof quality, all grout will need to be properly maintained—repaired when cracks form and periodically sealed to keep the grout truly waterproof.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, looking for the best caulking and regrouting contractors? When you are planning your big project, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you planned is to select every vendor yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate option and company for your next project.

We've created an ultimate list of best caulking and regrouting contractors in Melbourne, Victoria to save you time and money.

Ultimate List of Melbourne's Best Caulking & Regrouting Contractors

Hitch Property Constructions - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


1800 22 1111

At Hitch Constructions, we are highly professional and passionate about providing a first-class solution to our customer's tile & grout restoration, cleaning and water leak repair needs. We provide friendly and highly professional tile and grout restorations - floor and walls - showers, bathrooms, balconies, kitchens and any other areas you need to revitalise! High-quality re-grouting work, floor & wall sealing (including all silicone & caulking sealing) and Epoxy grout applications.

As Melbourne's caulking & regrouting specialists, we utilize cutting-edge cleaning and restoration technology from around the world to restore your tiles to their natural state, irrespective of the damage that has occurred. Our experienced team members can ensure life-long protection of your recently installed tile and grouting. You can rediscover your tiles as we bring them back to life.

We remove all tired & damaged silicone or residue, then treat the area, thoroughly killing any remaining mould or bacteria. We dry the area & apply sanitary grade silicone for a clean finish with longer-lasting results. Tile cleaning, grouting & regrouting is of utmost importance if you wish to maintain your tiles. Regardless of how expensive or unique your tiles are, they will not leave a good impression if they have layers of dirt trapped on their surface or inside the stone pores.

Our process involves these vital steps to ensure you receive the best solution possible:

  • Inspection of all tiles and grout.
  • Application of suitable cleaning products.
  • Agitation with rotary scrubbers.
  • Stain treatment – if required.
  • Adjustable pressure clean and extract of all areas. The process dries the tiles and extracts all the dirty water.
  • Inspection of all areas guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

We are specialist in leaking shower, bathroom and balcony remedial repairs - using unique clear waterproofing products to fix your leaking issues - WITHOUT removing any tiles!

We only use high-quality grouting and tiling products and we have equipment for cleaning that will ultimately make the difference to your result.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involves a carefully planned series of steps, centred around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

FKR Constructions - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0408 545 195

Working with concrete necessitates a specialized set of skills and years of experience, which is why it is critical to find a dependable company that strives for the highest possible standards. For over 16 years, our company has worked in and around Melbourne, providing our valued clients with an exceptional level of workmanship and customer care.

Fernando has over 15 years of commercial and residential construction experience. Among the projects we've worked on are the East Link Freeway, the Sugarloaf Pipeline, the West Gate Bridge, the South Morang Rail Line, and the Goulburn Murry River.

Silkroad Contractors - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0423 313 048

A Melbourne-based tile business with years of experience is called Silkroad Contractors Pty Ltd. Silkroad Contractors has grown quickly in recent years thanks to its reputation and status as a value-driven business as opposed to a typical money-driven one.

The founder is proud of his heritage and strives to provide the best tiling services available. Our diverse team of tilers has national and international experience. Our team is capable of providing high-quality service in difficult projects.

Lexa Tiling - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0425 802 037

Silicone caulking

Caulking is usually done at the end of the tiling process after all of the tiling and grouting has been completed. Silicone is used in 90-degree corners to keep water from getting behind the tiles (floor to walls corners, walls to ceiling, mitre cuts, around the cabinets etc.). Caulking is not only used in bathrooms or other wet areas. It also applies to any part of the house (bottom of MDF skirting boards, joinery) both inside and outside. We only work with the most reputable tile companies.

Strategic Tiling - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0487 435 726

Strategic Tiling's team of skilled industry professionals work on everything from minor tile repairs to full bathroom remodelling and renovations. In Melbourne and the surrounding areas, we cover all aspects of tiling. A standard Strategic Tiling service can refresh OUTDOOR TILING. Call us for a dependable inspection and quote in areas with severe water damage. We also specialize in pool tiling in Melbourne.

We are respectful when working in our clients' homes, treating them as if they were our own. We use clean, presentable technicians, clean vehicles that are fully stocked with the tools and materials needed for each job, and drop sheets to protect our clients' homes and furniture.

We provide free quotes and estimates and are always happy to discuss any aspect of the job, including design, preparation, and suitability, during our site visit.

GroutPro - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


1800 822 450

Our highly trained grout and tile cleaners use cutting-edge technology and tile cleaning equipment to completely transform your tiled areas. We only clean tiles and grout, which is one of the reasons we're Australia's top experts with guaranteed grout cleaning results. We have specialists across Australia who can make those grubby tiles look like new again, whether you want them cleaned, repaired, protected, or recolored.

Save & Seal - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


1300 479 201

Caulking is a seal between two surfaces or areas that prevents water from entering and damaging homes and buildings. Save & Seal are the experts in caulking services Melbourne because waterproofing is the most important process in preventing water damage to properties.

Bathrooms are a hive of activity, complete with outlets, toilets, tubs, showers, faucets, venting fans, showerheads, and other amenities. In the midst of it all, almost everyone has a shower that isn't tight enough. Aside from the drip-drip sound, a leaking shower can pose a serious threat to the environment. Whatever the cause of the leak, Save & Seal and the team are fully equipped to handle your leaking shower repairs Melbourne.

Pro Seal Melbourne - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


03 9001 0421

Caulking Service For Regrouting, Balcony Regrouting, Shower Regrouting, And Tile Regrouting In Melbourne At The Lowest Price.

We have a mobile service that allows us to provide assurance. You can call Proseal Melbourne at any time and from any location to have a team member come to your door for anything from a leaking shower to a damaged tile.

Proflex Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0415 617 789

Proflex Caulking works with quality builders, both domestic and commercial, as well as directly with homeowners, to caulk new buildings in the West of Melbourne in accordance with the building code.

Professional Caulking Services - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0422 115 625

A small business in Melbourne called Professional Caulking Services provides the best products, labor, and services for all sizes of construction projects, from modest home additions to substantial commercial structures.

By offering both affordable and premium sealants to complete your project, Professional Caulking Services sets itself apart from rivals. In addition, we are experts in replacing worn-out, dirty, or discolored seals on all surfaces by maintaining and repairing existing caulking.

Eastern Sealant Services - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0401 171 146

Caulking Services and Products are our speciality. Eastern Sealant Services provides the best product and skilled workmanship whether you are building, extending, or repairing. Eastern Sealant Services has been providing professional Caulking services throughout Melbourne for many years.

According to the building industry, proper caulking accounts for 1.8% of construction costs but accounts for 83% of building defects if not done correctly the first time. As a result, it is critical that you hire the right caulking contractor.

NKA Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0431 288 541

Many problems can be avoided by caulking the internal and external window and door frames. Water leaks, bugs and insects, cold drafts, gaps, and overall aesthetics are examples of such problems.

Cabinetry caulking can be done for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Aesthetically, it can round out and complete a project. Functionally, it can help to fill gaps and conceal any uneven joinery.

National Tilers - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0431 443 418

Our work is supported by 14 years of experience. We strive for customer satisfaction and high quality work. So you can be confident that when you hire us for tiling or bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you will get nothing less than the best.

Our tiling and bathroom renovation processes are straightforward, and you'll always feel confident that you've chosen a trustworthy company. All work is done by owner Baz personally, ensuring that you always receive the highest level of experience and standard.

We guarantee all of our work for 7 years and are fully licensed and insured. We are also always completely honest in all of our advice and dealings. You'll always get the best value for your money and time!

United Caulking Melbourne - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


1300 091 281

High-quality caulking is provided by United Caulking Melbourne, a business with a motivated staff. In order to give our clients the best results, we work together with passion.

In Melbourne, Toorak, and Essendon, United Caulking Melbourne is a leading caulking and waterproofing business. Since 2008, we have worked on some of Melbourne's most prestigious high rise buildings, retail stores, and residential homes, offering the highest quality joint sealing in the business.

Melbourne Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0418 399 298

Our caulking and joint sealant work is unrivaled. We take pride in our work, and our installers are among the best in the business. We've worked on a variety of important projects throughout the region, and whether we're caulking a small bathroom or sealing a large hospital, we bring real expertise and a commitment to excellence to every project, no matter how big or small.

The Grout Guy - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


1300 844 898

The Most Common Misconception

One of the most common misconceptions in our industry is that a leaking shower is a plumbing issue, such as a dripping shower head, leaky taps, or even a burst pipe. This is not always the case when it comes to a leaking shower. Most leaks are caused by grout breakdown and can be repaired without calling a plumber or removing any tiles.

One of the most common misconceptions in our industry is that a leaking shower is the result of a plumbing problem, such as a dripping shower head, leaky taps, or even a burst pipe. When it comes to a leaking shower, this isn't always the case. Most leaks are caused by grout failure and can be repaired without the need for a plumber or the removal of any tiles.

Correct Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0433 081 693

About Correct Caulking

Jono is quickly establishing himself as one of the best and most professional caulking installers in Melbourne. With over five years of experience in the sealing and waterproofing industry, a strong eye for detail, and an easy-to-work-with approach from start to finish, it's his eye for detail, as well as his honest and approachable attitude, that set him apart.

LF Waterproofing - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0406 268 110

LF Waterproofing is the place to go in Melbourne for caulking services such as house caulking and window caulking. We are the go-to caulking company in Moonee Ponds and the surrounding areas, and we also service jobs within a 2-hour radius from our Keilor East location.

Xtreme Seal - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


1300 658 005

Caulking and replacing of silicone, Melbourne

Using Xtreme Seals' premium silicone, completely re-caulk a mouldy and old shower perimeter today. We will caulk and replace any silicone that is required throughout the house. All silicone products are available in a variety of colors and are installed by professionally trained technicians. Straight lines are guaranteed every time!

AJ Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0481 763 437

Caulking is the process of sealing a gap between two surfaces in order to make it air or watertight. The term "caulk" can refer to both the sealing substance and the act of sealing. There are hundreds of different types of caulk, but the most commonly used caulk in homes is acrylic latex caulk, butyl rubber caulk, and silicone caulk.

We are a Melbourne-based company that specializes in caulking services of all kinds. We provide service to both residential and commercial properties. Builders, homeowners, and business owners are among our clients. We have extensive caulking experience and take great pride in our work. To complete our jobs, we only use high-quality materials and high-performance caulk. We understand our clients' needs and are always eager to provide the best possible results.

Caulk In Colour - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0411 533 207

We specialize in interior caulking. My name is Sam, I’m from Melbourne and this is a family-owned business. The majority of our team consists of my father, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and myself. I've personally caulked over ten thousand meters of tiles, skirting, and vinyl. Maxisil silicone is my preferred product, and we use it both at home and in the workplace.

Initially, I took on a variety of building and renovation tasks: However, I see a lackluster caulking job on a regular basis, which is simply unacceptable in this day and age. I can't help but want to prevent this problem from recurring for other people. Now I'm concentrating my efforts on interior caulking, focusing on new buildings and fresh renovations before your old school tiler or plumber gets the job done right.

Dynamic Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0415 429 774

Dynamic Caulking was founded to provide the highest quality services to its customers. From small domestic extensions to large commercial and industrial buildings, we provide all types of caulking to meet your needs. We also repair and maintain existing caulking to replace worn, discolored, or unkempt seals to all surfaces.

Cityside Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0413 956 039

In all facets of residential and commercial caulking and joint sealing, Cityside Caulking is a Melbourne-based business. We offer a high standard of craftsmanship for applications involving silicone and polyurethane sealants on the interior and exterior, and we have more than ten years of experience in the field.

Using high-quality materials, we provide an exceptional service to complete your projects on time and on budget - whether new construction or restoration, we are happy to assist you with your caulking solutions.

Exel-Seal - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


(03) 9775 0188

We are experts in the application of sealants to wet areas, precast panels, aluminum panels, trafficable sealants, pool sealants, pavers, blockwork, saw cuts, fire-rated sealants, and window and door frames. We can caulk it if necessary. We also specialize in panel patching, grouting, and abseiling, which saves you time and money.

All of our caulkers have a Red Card, Boom tickets, our J.S.A, Certificate of Currency for all insurances, and an EBA, so we are prepared for any job. With over 20 employees, we can handle any caulking job, big or small, domestic or commercial. If a job requires a handover or a push, we have the manpower to cover it.

Elite Seal Caulking Specialists - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne



For residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects, Elite Seal caulking specialists apply all kinds of sealants and caulking. Your project will be completed to your complete satisfaction thanks to our highly skilled staff and quality-assured sealant applicators. We primarily serve the construction industry.

Absolute Caulker - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


(03) 9995 0420

With a committed group of expert and highly skilled caulkers, Absolute Caulker is a caulking company with a Melbourne address. We have divisions that offer a variety of caulking services, including domestic, commercial, and abseil. We stand out from our rivals in the industry by specializing in caulking via abseil, a practice that is uncommon. A quality-assured solution to all of your sealant needs can be provided thanks to our diverse skill set.

Precast panels, blockwork, brickwork, window frames, bathrooms, splashbacks, tiling, tilt panels, pool joints, glazing seal, and abseiling are among our services.

Silicone Chicks - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0423 300 351

We are a small professional team that enjoys our work and takes great pride in it. We want you to be able to rely on us for a simple process from start to finish. Arriving on time, providing accurate pricing, and leaving a perfect finish with no cleanup required, we guarantee your satisfaction and our work. We only use high-quality products and stay current on all product information and training so that you, the client, get the best advice and aftercare knowledge for the best long-term results.

Our reputation is built on doing a good job and is primarily based on customer referrals from satisfied customers. With a lot of patience, an eye for detail, and a strong work ethic, we get the job done right the first time, every time, with no shortcuts.

Five Star Glass and Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0413 417 030

Your home or workplace should be your safest haven. However, accidents do occur from time to time, necessitating the need for glass repairs. It is risky to leave broken glass lying around for you to step on and cut your feet, and you have less privacy. This is where we can help. Our excellent glass repair service is well-known throughout Melbourne and Dandenong, and we want to assist you as well.

Five Star Glass and Caulking offers affordable glass repair and replacement services for Melbourne properties (both residential and commercial) that are completed to perfection. We are a family-owned and operated window replacement and caulking business. We have extensive experience working on various glass-related projects. We can assist with glazing, caulking, window frames, bathrooms, kitchens, glass repairs, and pet doors, among other things.

Black Diamond Caulking Services - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0422 408 810

We can provide caulking for all of your brick and block work, windows, kitchen, tiled areas, bathroom, wet areas, bedrooms, pantries, butlers kitchen, and more, whether renovations or new construction. Shopping malls, apartments, and retail stores We can meet all of your interior sealant needs, including kitchens, offices, windows, bathrooms, tiled areas, and more.

Just Caulk It - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0419 870 680

Any project involving new construction must include caulking applications. When working on a project, Just Caulk It works closely with architects, engineers, project managers, and contractors to carefully apply and choose the right materials as well as to create mock-ups and match colors.

We are a Melbourne-based company that serves all of Melbourne and Victoria. Just Caulk It is a professional caulking company that specializes in silicone and polyurethane caulking. We do domestic and commercial work and have all necessary permits. We are confident, and we assure you that you will be pleased with your decision to work with us.

Complete Epoxy - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


0410 777 419

If you are a wise homeowner, then you are surely aware of the fact that there will be repairs and maintenance tasks that come up all the time. Although you take good care of your home, one thing that irritates you the most is having to replace the caulking so frequently. However, if you choose professional Caulking Services Melbourne, you can have peace of mind about leaks in your home or business.

For many years, Complete Epoxy has provided high-quality caulking services for bathtubs, mirrors, tiles, benchtops, toilets, basins, splashbacks, sinks, and multi-shower stalls. In addition, we can service the swimming pool joints. We offer professional silicon and polyurethane caulking for both internal and external applications. Furthermore, we offer high-quality and dependable Tile & Glue Removal Melbourne to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients throughout Melbourne.

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