What are the different types of trucks?

Trucks are some of the strongest vehicles in existence because they are built for moving the heaviest things ever built or ever born.

Whether it’s livestock, boats, machinery, equipment, or produce, if it has to go by road, it’s going by truck. Trucks are even made to transport entire hauls of hard drives between Amazon Headquarters because it’s faster that way to transport data.

So whatever you may think of them, there’s still a certain novelty and objective usefulness in driving trucks.

Not many of us know that there are different types of trucks and various types of trailers as well. All these different types of trucks and trailers have different uses and applications. To help you learn about the variety of trucks and trailers available, the professional heavy-duty dealers have listed the various types. 

Car Transporter/Car Carrier Trailer

This is a single-decker enclosed or double-decker open car carrier that has multiple spaces designed to hold cars in place during a long transit. They can be open or closed, with in-built ramps for loading and unloading the vehicles. These are usually used to ship cars from their manufacturers to the dealerships. These are different from flatbed trucks in that they aren’t equipped with loaders or winches. Instead, they rely on the vehicles to be loaded under their power.

Cement Truck

A cement truck or concrete mixer is a truck that has a concrete mixer hooked up to it. It carries around the mixing equipment to deliver it to the places that need it. The revolving machinery mixes the cement and water to make concrete and pours it into the designated places. These can be on the pavement, in special moulds, etc. The machinery allows the cement to maintain its liquid state for very long due to constant motion, hence giving the cement a longer-lasting quality and a longer use period than if it were held in place. The cement is usually discharged from the rear and the drum it’s mixed in is made out of steel or fibreglass.

Crane Trucks/Mobile Cranes

Crane trucks/Mobile Cranes are trucks that are fitted with a cable controlled crane. It’s mounted on crawlers. They are designed for easy mobility and have little or no need for setup or assembly. These trucks are usually fitted with a hook suspended by a wire rope. The prime movers operate the wire ropes that the designers have put in place. The transmissions can be hydraulic, electric, or achieved through internal combustion. The invention of these devices came about in 1870 before which the crane was confined to a single spot and had to be hauled to places that it needed to function in.

Crane developments over the years have included the adoption of an internal combustion engine in 1922 and the invention of a telescopic job.

Dump Truck

Dump trucks are also referred to as production trucks and are used to transport gravel, sand, dirt, and other loose materials that are used in construction. In addition, dump trucks can be used to carry waste to landfills. These vehicles have an open box that is hydraulically operated to dump the contents of the open box behind the vehicle. Dump trucks are often involved in crashes as they attempt to back up.

Extra Duty Truck

When a cargo load is extremely large, an extra duty truck is often utilized to carry the large freight. These massive loads include things such as houses or otherwise enormous items being carried. Truckers operating extra duty trucks must carry a special license to do so legally.

Flatbed Truck

Alabama drivers will recognize flatbed trucks by their open truck beds and lack of sides. The design of the flatbed truck helps to make loading up and to transport goods as easy and efficient as possible. Sadly, then cargo is improperly loaded on these flatbeds, the likelihood of a crash is high.

Just as the name suggests, the bodywork of this truck is simply a flat level bed with no sides or roof. It is a very popular type of truck, perhaps due to its versatility. A flatbed truck is ideal for transporting oversized goods. You can also use it to transport a fleet of cars to an exhibition or a car show. It has a loading capacity of 15-25t, and its bodywork allows loading of goods from the back, the top, and from the sides.

A flatbed truck or a flatbed lorry is a completely flat level bed that has no sides or roof. It allows for the loading and unloading of goods and is used to transport very heavy loads that aren’t in need of proper or delicate handling. It is not used for goods that can be damaged due to rain and for abnormally large loads that require huge spaces.

The bed of the trailer is literally that, completely flat. And since that is the case, the loads are tied down to the surface with ropes. The truck is often equipped with hooks so that tying down is much easier than simply tying tight knots. Improperly fastened loads can slide off during transport which is why flatbed trucks are becoming less and less popular as of late. They have become a dying breed of once-proud trucks.

Fire Truck

A fire truck is built to carry the equipment needed to put out a fire at its source. It is usually fitted with hoses and sirens, and enough cargo space to house a crew of firemen. It is fitted with automated lifting ladders and breathing apparatuses such as masks and oxygen containers. This is kept alongside uniforms and protective clothing that the firefighters need to perform their job effectively.

It also has first aid kits and walkie-talkies or two-way radios so that the firemen can communicate with the proper authorities to take swift action. The fire truck can also house water and pumps to fight the fire while there are options to connect the hose in place with a fire hydrant at the scene of the fire.

Garbage Truck

Waste collections vehicles, also referred to as garbage trucks are important to all residents of Alabama. These garbage trucks make stops at homes to pick up smaller amounts of trash to be taken to the local landfill, recycling plant, or treatment facility. Garbage trucks are also known for having large blind spots. Therefore drivers must react accordingly.

Heavy Truck

Heavy trucks are the largest vehicle that is legally permitted to operate on the roads and highways of Alabama. These vehicles have an enormous blind spot, so all Alabama motorists must be aware of this risk factor while travelling near heavy trucks.

Jumbo Trailer Truck

A jumbo trailer truck is simply a semi-trailer truck with more space. This is because a jumbo trailer truck has a G-shaped floor with small diameter wheels. Just like a semi-trailer truck, the maximum weight this truck can carry is 24,000 kg. A jumbo trailer truck is the best truck to use if you are planning to transport voluminous goods, which can be loaded from the back, the top, and from the sides.

Livestock Trucks

Livestock trucks are used to transport animals to and from farms. It is a vehicle that is built specially to hold on to livestock and to hold them in place. Some are even fitted with special equipment so that they stay in place and are well fed. The trucks are usually open slightly from the back or the top so that the livestock can get daylight and air and not be confined into a small space. This often makes them restless. While not the strongest trucks, they are some of the sturdiest since they need to transport heavy animals.

Lowboy Trailer

A lowboy trailer is an unpowered trailer commonly used to transport tall items. This is immediately evident from its design. Goods carried or transported using a lowboy trailer are those that have exceeded the legal height limit of goods usually transported using a flatbed trailer. Just like a flatbed trailer, it can be loaded from the sides, the top and the back.

Panel Truck

A small truck or can which maintains a fully bounded body is called a panel truck. These are typically used as delivery trucks for things such as baked goods, laundry, flowers, or any other types of consumer products.

Refrigerated Trailers

As the name suggests, refrigerated trailers are used to transport products in a frozen or chilled state. These types of trucks feature a temperature-controlled unit that allows you to control the temperature inside the trailer no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Refrigerated trailers are special in that they transport sensitive items that require careful handling and storage to maintain their integrity. They are, however, more expensive than standard trailers since they use extra fuel to keep the temperature control system running.

Chiller Trucks/Reefers are Refrigerator trucks that are fitted with cooling equipment to keep food and supplies fresh during transport. Commonly used to transport fruit, meat, and fish, Reefer trucks are cooled with ice or mechanical refrigeration powered with displacement diesel engines. They can also be cooled using dry ice or liquid carbon dioxide at high pressures. These trucks were first produced in the 1920s and were fitted with complete insulation (high-density polymer foam) and better ventilation since then.

Higher pressurization techniques and more efficient cooling techniques have made these trucks more efficient throughout the last century.

Semi-Trailer Truck

The semi-trailer trucks are the most popular types of trucks. They are capable of catering to most of your transportation needs. The truck can be loaded from either the back, the side and from the top, but only after removing the tent cover. The simplest way to describe a semi-trailer truck without the tent cover is; it looks like a big pick-up truck. Semi-trailer trucks have a maximum load capacity of about 24,000 kg. The truck is suitable for transporting palletized cargo.

These are articulated vehicles which use a towing engine, the semi-trailer, to carry freight and cargo loads. Semi-trailer trucks are also referred to as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and big rigs. These particular trucks are typically involved in catastrophic accidents that tend to lead to severe injuries, often fatalities. Any trucker who operates these vehicles must obtain a special license in order to transport freight legally.

Straight Truck

These types of trucks are also referred to as a box truck, cube truck, or cube van. A straight truck can carry cargo on the same chassis that has the cab and the power unit. However, it can only be loaded from the back. They are commonly used to transport stuff like furniture and other small items. Straight trucks are highly recommended for moving. They are most people’s favourite when moving out since they are more secure than a semi-trailer truck. It protects your goods from damage by the elements. You can also use it to expedite freight deliveries.

Tanker Truck

Tanker trucks get their name due to the large tank that is used to store gases and liquids. These trucks only carry liquids and gases and are therefore extremely dangerous in the event of a collision. Tanker trucks are typically associated with the hazardous materials in the loads that they carry.

Tow Truck

A tow truck or a breakdown lorry or a recovery vehicle is a truck that is used to move a vehicle that is being impounded, wrongly parked, disabled, or indisposed in any other way. The truck may be brought in when a law is being broken, or an accident has occurred, or when infrastructure has been damaged, and a vehicle has to be extracted from the situation. It is very different from a car trailer carrier in that it doesn’t move vehicles for basic transportation; it just moves them from places that put them in danger of making it the danger.

Tow trucks were first invented in 1916 in Tennessee when a car was pulled out of a creek by six men using ropes. Adjustable booms are now used to recover vehicles from ditches and similar situations.

Truck Trailer

One of the main advantages of a truck trailer is it allows you to load and unload items faster. It has one of the largest loading volumes. This means you have a lot of space to carry goods. The loading capacity of a truck trailer is 16-25t. Although it offers a large loading volume, you might still end up facing some challenges when carrying long-length cargoes. A truck trailer also protects your cargo from destruction by the elements.

18-Wheeler Truck

A type of semi-trailer truck, these types of truck specify that there are 18 wheels. These are the most commonly used trucks to carry cargo. Upwards of 85 per cent of freight loads shipped are transported on an 18-wheeler truck.

Trucks have been built to carry everything from huge vehicles, food, condiments, oil and gas, water, furniture, and even huge pieces of machinery. They are literal metal beasts that travel through long patches of the road every day to get essential supplies for industries to use and entire towns to survive. They are an essential part of the human ecosystem and employ a huge percentage of the world’s workforce. They are a representation of the working class like no other vehicle is and are a symbol of human ingenuity and intelligence to boot.

The nature of the product you want to transport determines the best trucks or trailers ideally suited for their transportation. Whether you want to transport oversized or large volume items, or perhaps you want to transport your goods in a frozen state, there are different types of trucks to meet your exact requirements. Before hiring a transportation truck, carefully consider the items to be transported and only secure a truck that fits your needs.

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