What Is The Best Toolbox For A Truck?

Truck beds are extremely versatile when it comes to hauling large and small objects. Still, a little bit of organization helps to protect items and preserve your sanity. 

Small tools, for example, benefit from a proper toolbox you can access anytime you need the random odd and end. 

Truck toolboxes are perfect for professionals going to the job site or for daily use, even if you don’t have any tools to haul around. To spice up your truck bed organization, check out our guide for the best toolbox options.

Some would say there are two things you never leave the house without – your truck, and your tools. 

But the thing is, there’s not always room in your cab for your toolbox, and tossing the tools in the bed will have them sliding around all day – and open season to thieving eyes while you run into the gas station. The simple solution? Mount a truck bed toolbox to your rig!

With a truck bed toolbox, you can have a sturdy and stationary place for your tools, guns, gear, and other essentials conveniently installed in the bed of your truck. Weather-proof and lockable, your gear will have never been so safe. But how can you find the toolbox that’s perfect for your pickup? 

A truck toolbox is a great investment in protecting equipment. Installing a locking toolbox will help prevent your tools from “growing legs” while you’re parked.

The best truck tool boxes can essentially pay for themselves just by preventing one opportunistic would-be thief.

Choosing the right toolbox will take some research and a couple of those handy tools to get things installed. We have you covered and give you our top-rated pickup truck toolboxes.

Truck toolboxes are, without a doubt, some of the handiest accessories for tradesman and truck owners alike. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a contractor heading out to a job site or a family man-hauling an RV along for a family vacation. 

Having a secure, durable, weatherproof, easy-access storage space is invaluable. Even with a tonneau cover, most truck owners know that chucking a bunch of stuff in the box isn’t always a great idea. 

But with the flexibility and versatility of the best truck toolboxes available, you can find a layout and design that suits your needs.

There are hundreds of options out there, so how do you choose? With brands like Dee-Zee, UWS, WeatherGuard, Husky, and JOBOX all offering several different sizes, layouts, and construction materials, it can be hard to choose. 

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and experimenting with bringing you a list of the best truck tool boxes as of February 2020.

We’ve broken our research into categories, so you can find the exact layout and style that will fit your truck. Which one will top your list? Read on to find out.

How To Choose A Box

Most contractors couldn’t live without their truck-bed toolbox. But you don’t have to be a contractor to justify owning tool boxes for trucks. 

In fact, with some models ringing in at just under $300, you too can clear out your cab and carry your gear in a weather-tight toolbox. 

We chose five widely available boxes and put them on trial. We examined their stats and inspected them inside and out. 

We also slammed them and used and abused them to judge their real-world toughness. We limited our testing to full-size boxes, but all the same, factors apply to boxes for smaller trucks.

Select The Style

Toolboxes for trucks come in two main styles: cross box (also called a saddle box) and chest. 

We’re focusing on cross boxes because they’re the most popular and the easiest to install. Plus, you can slide sheet goods under it and access your tools from the side of the truck.

Answer The Security Question First

If you’ll keep valuables in your toolbox, your best choice is a top-of-the-line box with strong latches, a reinforced lid and beefy sidewalls. 

But if you just want to protect your tools from the elements, you have lots of choices on tool boxes for trucks.

Check For Weather Resistance

Most toolboxes for trucks do a pretty good job of sealing out rainwater. But you’ll need better hinges and latches and high-quality weather stripping to keep out blowing snow and sand.

Consider Convenience

Any box can hold your tools. But it’s the ease of opening and closing that makes you love it or hate it. We’re lumping all the operational factors like opening, closing and lock and latch performance into the (subjective) convenience category. Here’s how we rated convenience:

  • A quality lock should operate smoothly. If we had to exert extra force to operate the lock, or saw the need for periodic adjustment, we lowered the convenience rating.
  • Gas lifts should open the lid quickly. If they needed help or felt weak, we lowered the rating.
  • Closing force: If we had to push hard to latch the lid, we lowered the rating.

Select The Material

Nothing beats a steel box for strength and ‘break-in’ security. But beware if you live in a northern or coastal area with road salt or salt spray. 

Once the paint scratches, you’ll be fighting a never-ending battle against rust. That’s why aluminium is so popular—it doesn’t rust. 

An aluminium box weighs almost 50 lbs. Less than a comparable steel unit. So it’s easier to remove when you need the full bed. Of course, if you just want an inexpensive box to store things like jumper cables and tie-downs, you could opt for a plastic box.

A Chest Might Be Best

Cross boxes are popular. But if your truck has a tonneau cover or you’re considering adding one, a chest box is the only style that’ll fit under the cover. 

And since a chest box sits at or near the height of the bed rail, it doesn’t obscure your vision through the cab’s rear window. 

This style box bolts to the bed floor, so you won’t be able to slide sheet goods or lumber under it. On the plus side, a chest box generally holds more tools than a cross box.

Types Of Truck Toolboxes

Saddle Box 

This is arguably the most traditional form of a truck toolbox. Spanning from one side of the bed to the other, this design straddles the bed, so it floats above the floor. 

Many saddle boxes (also known as a crossover toolbox) offer more flexible mounting options and preserve the space underneath for longer items.


Suppose you were to take a typical garage toolbox and place it in a pickup bed. In that case, you’d have the basic ingredients of a low-profile chest-style truck box. 

Chest boxes usually sit on the floor of the bed and can offer more space for tools at the expense of space in the bed itself accessible via a single lid. These also tend to be simpler in design and installation.

Side Mount

Side-mounted truck boxes often run the length of the truck bed while preserving the centre. This type plays well with camper shells and tonneau covers, especially if the box sits below the bed rail line. Most side-mounted setups use two boxes for each side of the bed.

Top Truck Tool Boxes

It can be difficult to choose the best truck tool chest for your specific needs. Because of that, here is some further information regarding truck tool chests in addition to five of the best truck tool boxes on the market. 

Truck tool boxes protect your tools and make it easier to transport them to and from every job, but there isn’t just one box that fits everyone’s needs. Here are some of the best truck tool boxes and what I think sets them apart from the rest.

Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest

The Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest is classified as the best truck toolbox in our list because it’s composed of aluminium material with a protective gloss black powder coating on the exterior. 

Because of that, it’s able to resist rusting when it’s exposed to the rain. Not only that, but this is the best truck tool chest because it contains a contractor-grade stainless steel paddle handle and latches that provide maximum durability to prevent people from breaking into the box. 

Furthermore, this is the top truck toolbox because it presents a closed-cell foam gasket that’s able to prevent moisture from the rain or snow from getting inside and rusting your tools. 

This top truck tool chest also presents a three-piece body that helps to add more strength to the toolbox further.

Defender Series 300401-53-01 Universal Chest Box

The Defender Series Universal Truck Chest Box is our favourite high-end truck toolbox because it’s able to deliver heavy-duty security since it has hook loop strikers as well as dual-stage rotary latches. 

Additionally, this is the best truck toolbox because it’s able to provide maximum durability since it has a four-piece welded construction. There is a black powder coating that helps to protect the material of the toolbox from rusting when it gets wet. 

Furthermore, this is the best truck toolbox because it comes with tamper-resistant push-button locks that are drill-resistant. Not only that, but this top truck tool chest has a heavy-duty pry-resistant C-channel as well as a welded lid construction for maximum durability.

Yaheetech 30 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Tool Box

The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Tool Box is labelled as the best budget truck toolbox because it measures 30 inches of heavy-duty aluminium. 

Given that it’s produced with aluminium, this toolbox is lightweight, while also being durable at the same time without the same price point of higher-end truck tool chests. 

More specifically, this truck toolbox comes with a seal ring design that helps to protect the internal cleanliness of the box in order to prevent your tools from experiencing any damage or rust. Moreover, this is the top truck toolbox because it reduces the weight gain on the truck that you place it on.

Dee Zee 6535p Plastic Poly Utility Chest Tool Box

The Dee Zee Plastic Poly Utility Chest Tool Box is defined as the best truck toolbox for lightweight use because it’s composed of a poly plastic material that’s durable and resists any warping. 

More specifically, this product was produced using a rigid plastic that prevents any imperfections in the plastic from occurring over time. 

Moreover, this is the best truck took box because it contains a double-wall lid that makes for extra support and durability for your convenience in using a plastic toolbox. 

Not only that, but this is the best truck toolbox because it presents a classic brute-tread pattern that makes for even more durability.

Uws Tbc-60-blk Black 60″ Standard Chest

The UWS TBC-60-BLK Black 60″ Standard Chest is classified as the best truck toolbox for extra-large needs because, at 60 inches, it’s at a size that can fit any number of tools you need to haul around safely. 

Not only that, but this toolbox is produced with an aluminium material that’s designed to support heavy loads and prevent leakage from occurring. 

Furthermore, this is the best truck toolbox because it contains self-closing struts that help to close the lid for your convenience automatically. Likewise, this is also the top truck tool chest because it contains two stainless steel handles that have rust-free coatings. 

In addition to all of these benefits, this is the best truck toolbox because it has a bevelled lid that contains foamed material in order to prevent eh box from bending or warping in any way.

Weatherguard Toolbox

Side-mounted toolboxes are awesome alternatives to crossover or chest toolboxes since you can access your tools from the side of the truck without needing to strain or stretch to reach the lid and get your things. 

They’re also great for adding storage to a truck with a crossover box already installed. For side mounted toolboxes, the best unit is once again WeatherGuard.

You just can’t beat the quality of these toolboxes. The weatherproofing is too good, and the locks are that secure, the aluminium the thickest in the industry. You can have a look at our full review of this toolbox.

Benefits Of Truck Tool Boxes

Chances are, your work truck doesn’t have a canopy or a designated and covered storage space for your tools. Whether you’re a part-time handyman or work in a trade, your tools are valuable possessions and possibly your livelihood. Using a truck toolbox keeps your tools safe from theft using secure locks. 

Many thieves will turn away and find a new target and won’t bother trying to break in or even try to take the whole thing. 

Truck tool boxes almost every single truck toolbox features a rubber or foam weather seal that will prevent moisture and dust from entering the box keeping your tools dry and rust-free, and free of dust and another residue. 

They are also a great way to keep your tools organized with many featuring customizable internal shelving. 

Also, who says you can only keep tools in your box? Truck toolboxes are a great secure way to store groceries, jumper cables and other emergency supplies, and even camping gear like your tent and camp stove. 

Truck toolboxes are a versatile addition to your rig that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Extra Storage

Truck toolboxes provide you with extra storage space for all of your tools, and if you’re someone who needs to carry a lot of tools in a mechanic’s toolbox or otherwise, they’re even more useful. 

Truck tool boxes give you the space to transport all your tools and organize them without taking up too much space in the rest of your truck’s bed.


Truck toolboxes are especially useful for you if you want your tools to be organized all the time. 

They’re designed like large tool chests, and they come with different features so that you can easily organize each set. 

Common feature includes things like straps, drawers, and trays, and you can even find truck tool boxes built with specific tools in mind.

These truck toolboxes are also built with the roads in mind. No one wants all their equipment to be bouncing around and ending up in a big pile, and getting a truck toolbox is a good way to make sure they stay where they’re supposed to be—no matter what the roads are like.


Toolsets get expensive quickly, so security is always a big deal. Truck toolboxes come with locks that can only be opened with the matching key so your tools will stay in their box. No one will be able to open the box to get at your tools without your permission.


Most truck tool boxes come with seals and durable coatings in order to prevent your tools on the inside from getting damaged and rusting because of water. 

Not only that, but most truck toolboxes also come with special coatings on their surfaces in order to prevent rusting. Overall, truck tool boxes can protect your tools from the rain, snow, ice, and even UV rays.

Overall, each of the truck tool chests in this list has the ability to offer you a wide variety of benefits that earn them their positions as best truck toolboxes. 

With the ability to provide additional storage for your tools as well as offering you the ability to organize all of your tools according to your specific needs, these top truck tool boxes are sure to keep you out on the road in safety. 

Truck tool chests are able to provide maximum protection, durability, and security for all of your tools. 

Having the best truck tool chest offers a lot of conveniences, and you should consider investing in one for your truck. 

However, it can still be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs. If you’re still unsure of which chest is the best for you, I recommend the top pick, the Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest. 

I’m a big fan of this toolbox because it features a stainless steel paddle handle latch to help keep everything in it safe as well as the foam gasket that keeps rain and snow from getting inside.

As someone with a lot of tools that need to be transported, I can also appreciate the sleek aluminium shell because it makes the entire toolbox lighter without sacrificing durability. 

The Dee Zee Red Lapel Utility Chest is my favourite for the best truck toolbox of the five above because of all these features it offers while not being break-the-bank expensive.

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