CX 2400 Camper Crossover

cx 2400 camper crossover - camper cx 2400

cx 2400 camper crossover


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The CX 2400 Camper Crossover model is a camper and service body in one. It is designed to work as a fully functional service body for work and then convert into a camper. The CX 2400 is a fully enclosed Canopy style, with one large door on each side and a rear door allowing full accessibility to all sections of the Canopy.

It is a lift off/removable type camper/service body and is clamped to the aluminium or steel tray of the vehicle with the Ridgeback clamping system and Lifting jacks rated at 1000kg each are all included as standard

The CX 2400 is ideal for tradesman working in remote locations as the CX 2400 provides a home away from home

Product Features

Camper Mode
The camper function has a double bed matress with full zip style canvas and mesh enclosure that operates whilst the side doors are open. There are six sliding draws for camping essentials, a large rear trundle draw for long and.or flat items.

Service Body Mode
When using as a service body work vehicle there are six sliding draws for tools and items,a large open section for storage of larger items and tools and ladder racks. A long trundle draw slides out from the rear section.

Switching Crossover
Switching from Camper mode to service body mode is as simple as unzipping the canvas and mesh enclosure and removing the matress and camping items.
Replacing with all of your work tools and equipment and you are ready for work

Ideal for use in the following industries
All Tradesmen


Utility Vehicle Type
All 1-tonne Single Cab Utilities

3 years standard

Key Advantage
Dual purpose use

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